Do you wake up exhausted every morning wondering "Why? Why did I drink so much again..?"


Deep down inside, you know that it's time to make a change so you can get back in control.


Take a break for just 6 weeks and RESET how you feel about alcohol.


No more guilty regrets - Imagine feeling confident instead of anxious and energised to get up and go!


You don't need to struggle alone either. You'll get access to our closed group of lovely ladies, in a confidential safe space where you'll be encouraged and supported all the way. 

"It really is a life changer!"

"Dear Anne,
This course has helped me to improve my alcohol awareness, my health, my energy levels and be in control of my life. I highly recommend the Programme to anyone who wants to quit alcohol, be healthier and live a better life. It is really a life changer!"

K. R.


You absolutely don't have to stay stuck like this!


Instead of drinking from habit every night 

 imagine what else could you do & who could you spend the time with? 


Instead of kidding yourself about your health 

what if you actually took a 6 week break and built new healthy habits?


Instead of tossing & turning awake at 3am 

how wonderful would it feel to wake from a deep restorative sleep?


Instead of needing alcohol to destress  

imagine feeling calmer, less anxious with natural resilience?


Instead of being angry that you drank again 

what if you and your family were proud of you?

"I feel more empowered, healthier and happier"

"I had tried to cut down previously but I now realise that I hadn't taken the time to challenge my beliefs around drinking & alcohol. I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme and I'm now drinking less. And when I don't drink, I don't feel I'm missing anything, in fact, I've grown to love the alternatives and the opportunities this presents, even more! I feel more empowered, healthier and happier! Thanks, Anne!"

C. G.

 In just 6 weeks you'll learn the truth about alcohol and gain powerful tools and techniques so you can dodge the wine witch and wake up proud and refreshed! 

Join like-minded amazing women sharing, encouraging & holding each other up in our safe and non judgemental space so you don't feel like you're doing it alone.


Get clear and about how alcohol affects you and why it's so hard to shift! 


Use NLP exercises that will get you building healthier habits faster.


Detangle alcohol from your life without feeling like you're giving up a part of yourself.


And this course isn't just about quitting alcohol -  you'll create long lasting selfcare routines & get back to enjoying all the activities you love.


By the time 6 weeks comes around you'll know how to beat those cravings, feeling healthier, happier, more confident, less anxious & have much so much more self-esteem. 


Oh, and sleep... did I mention the deep restorative sleep?! 


Whether your aim is a 6 week experimental break or longer, this is your starting point.  


Here's what you get:


- Motivation to stay on track with daily content and lessons so you stay determined & engaged


- Freedom from the 'wine witch' using NLP based tools and strategies  


- Connection with like minded ladies on the same journey in a safe, confidential & supportive Facebook group.


- Less anxiety and an increase in your confidence to embrace life alcohol free


- No more relying on willpower alone -  Strategies & Exercises that work with your subconscious at a deeper level to embed the changes


- Your neurological pathways firing up to create healthier habits


- Happy hits and ways to create the feel good emotions when you need them the most


- Belief in yourself that you are enough without relying on alcohol 


- Great company - never feel like you're doing this alone.


 This Self-Study Programme can be started right now!

"I'm physically much better already"

“I like the support I feel knowing if I feel like giving in I can start reading from day one if necessary. One of my biggest fears was that I would never sleep properly again, but it’s getting better every night 😴 I’m doing better than I ever thought possible.  Life is so much easier without the drink! I'm physically much better already.” 

K. B.

You REALLY CAN enjoy life without alcohol pretending to be your best friend.


You know it's going to keep on letting you down like it always has...  

The 6 Week Alcohol & Mind Reset Programme

Self Study Rate only £145

Start Right Now!

  • Daily lessons, exercises, tools and strategies to help you cut down or quit
  • 6 Weeks of focus and inspiration that you can revisit again and again
  • Learn just how your drinking habit happened and how to change it!
  • Join our safe community space of amazing ladies to share and encourage each other on
  • NLP Based Exercises to embed a new happier mindset that you are enough without alcohol
  • Get your subconscious onboard so you no longer rely on willpower alone
  • Sleep better and become calmer
  • Gain confidence and reduce anxiety in social situations
  • Long term planning for self care and healing
I need this! - Start right now!

6 Week Alcohol & Mind Reset Instant Access

Self Paced £95

  • Get Instant Access
  • Daily lessons, exercises, tools and strategies to help you quit
  • All the Same Great Content and Lessons
  • Access to the same Discovering Sobriety Online Community Space
  • Add on Group Sessions at a Later Date if you Prefer

It's time to invest in YOURSELF & your WELLBEING 


Not sure about the cost? Think how much being stuck is costing you mentally and financially right now? 


Take a 6 week break and the amount of money saved will far exceed what you spend on this programme!


I learnt the hard way that life passes you by when you wait.

You know this is for you if:

  • You're stuck in a cycle of drinking worried about your health

  • You want to be healthier but you're anxious about quitting

  • You don't want to feel deprived by giving something up

  • Forever's too scary, but 6 weeks is a good break

    You've tried or maybe given up but it felt 'flat' & you want fun

  • You want to ditch your old beliefs and be kinder to yourself 

  • You want support from someone who's been there & done it 

  • You want a safe, non-judgemental space

"I really do feel I can move forward"

"Discovering Sobriety has been an excellent help whilst having a break from alcohol. It made me feel accountable attending the group sessions and the daily lessons were insightful and thought provoking. I really do feel I can move forward with a sober life thanks to Anne and I have faith that she will be there for extra support if needed."

L. H.

Hi, I'm Anne. I support and empower women like YOU to change your relationship with drinking. 

I finally admitted how much alcohol had taken control of me when I realised that I'd actually started to lie about my drinking to my nearest and dearest. I hated that I'd become a liar and it shook me enough to stand back and reassess my life. 

I quit drinking in 2017 and found that my mental health improved dramatically as well as my sleep (so, so good!).

Now I'm passionate about helping other ladies who've become stuck in the same place I was to get free. 

It's time for you to forget the regret and give yourself the gift of change

I'm not promising it's a breeze, but it's a thousand times better than where you are right now.

Anne Gilkes - Accredited Addictive Behaviours Coach, Personal Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner