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Get to know your personal 'wine witch' to help you beat wine o'clock cravings

alcohol awareness cravings subconscious wine witch Mar 13, 2022
wine witch causing cravings at wine o'clock

Getting to know your 'wine witch' gives you a way to take back control and say " no" to a drink when you really mean it.


I used to get so cross with myself! I'd spent all day telling myself I'd avoid drinking that night, and yet when it came to the evening, I'd get persuaded to open a bottle. Not by my husband or anyone else, but by that incessant, annoying voice in my head! AKA the 'wine witch'!

She was so loud! So it was easier to just shut her up by giving in, and doing the same old routine of breaking out the wine. And it took me ages to twig that I could control her by separating myself from her.

And once I did, Mavis (yes that's her name!) was so much easier to say "No" to, and I began to get back my control.

Here's how you can get to know your very own personal wine witch so that you can beat the wine o'clock cravings too.

First you've got to spot your wine witch!

When you're cutting down or quitting drinking, there will be times when you experience cravings. But have you paid attention to how they turn up? 

It's something that I encourage my clients to do when they get a craving. To just notice where it's coming from. And more often than not, it's that pesky ‘voice in their head’ aka their ‘wine witch’ which has got them in a pickle.  

So now you know you might have a wine witch, what does she whisper in your ear? “It’s ok to just have one” or “you’ve had a hard day so you deserve a treat”?

And when does it start?! On the way home from work? When you start cooking dinner?

What you’re hearing is actually your subconscious in action

When you regularly drink, you might feel a bit jittery about taking a night off (my regular thought pattern used to be “Oh, but I might not sleep…”), and so you find that little voice piping up. It tries to persuade you to keep doing what you always do, because this is your subconscious talking - and it likes routine and familiarity.

And believe it or not, you're subconscious is really trying to help you!

The problem is, your subconscious doesn’t understand anything but the present moment. Afterall, it developed to help you run away from lions! and that had to be instant!

So when you hear the wine witch, it's your subconscious trying to take you down the path of familiarity. The path that it knows and feels safe travelling down.

But there’s no future planning about where the path will lead. No consideration of how you’ll feel the following morning, and definitely no thought to what life might be like further down the line if you always go down the same path.

So how can you beat the wine witch?

When it comes to fighting off cravings that strike, especially  when you first quit drinking, try this helpful and empowering exercise. 

When you introduce a separate personality, it allows you to separate yourself from it, and that's very empowering. It allows you to distance yourself from the voice of the craving and get back in control.

To start banishing your wine witch, you’re going to really get to know her so that you’re able to talk back!

Grab a piece of paper and start jotting down all the things that you sense about her. (I’m assuming here that your voice is a ‘person’, but of course it could be an animal or a speaking object!)

1. Let’s start with what she looks like. Think about her height, build, hair, age, how she dresses!

2. Now focus in on how she sounds, the tone of voice she uses to talk to you, how loud or sift, quickly or slowly?

3. And how does she behave? Does she jump around you from side to side, sit quietly, poke you!

4. When does she tend to turn up? Does she announce her arrival or gradually creep up?

5. Now the best bit – what name do you want to give her?! (My voice is called ‘Mavis’!)

Great! Now you can now talk back to her properly and that means you’ll be taking away her power.

Challenge what she says!

The more you speak out aloud, the easier it becomes to challenge her. Whenever she begins to whisper, state her name and repeat out loud exactly what she says, then challenge it.

Start to reclaim your power right now by writing down all the things that she says to you and challenge them!

For example, if she says “you’ll be anxious if you don’t have a drink” - that’s a lie. Alcohol makes you anxious (have a read of the last newsletter if you missed this) and not drinking will ease your worries and reduce your anxiety as your system rebalances the chemical messengers in your brain that alcohol messes up.

Whatever she comes up with, how can you challenge it? Because you know it’s not true.

Give this exercise a go and I'd love it if you let me know what difference it makes!

Anne xx

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