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A Fun Way to Choose Your Sober Flower and Stay Motivated

sober motivation subconscious Mar 24, 2022
sober flower pink hyacinth

Choose Your Sober Flower for Visual Motivation to Stay Sober

Celebrating with a visual reminder

Sometimes it’s nice to have a visual reminder to help you celebrate your achievements and to keep you motivated. And being sober for any length of time is definitely worth celebrating!

Visual reminders are similar to positive affirmations in that by seeing a certain photo or object, they remind your subconscious that you’re doing something for a purpose. As your subconscious notices these consistent reminders, it will help you stay focused and motivated on the end result that you want.

A fun way you can do this is to choose yourself a ‘sober flower’ to represent your journey. Once you’ve decided on the flower, you could plant them in your garden or in a pot by the door, keep a photo on your phone as a reminder, or pop a picture on a wall near your bed where you’ll see it every morning.

I’m a great believer in doing what feels good and flowers make me feel great! And whilst this is a bit of a light-hearted blog, give this method a try and let me know what flower you choose.

So how do you choose which ‘Sober Flower’ best represents you?

Spring is most definitely sprung around here and wandering around the garden today there are lots of gorgeous flowers bursting into blooms of colour to choose from.

And those delicate flowers have had a bit of a journey of their own – starting their growth in the depth of winter’s cold and dark days before emerging to show themselves off. So I compared my own journey to what I saw these flowers go through.

And I guess I had a similar start in that 4 ½ years ago, I was caught up in a pretty cold and dismal place too. Totally in the clutch of alcohol, repeating the same old pattern of work, drink, sleep(ish), repeat. No idea of how I was going to get myself out of the habit drinking rut I’d fallen into.

It came to a head in October 2017, as I lied once again to the doctor about how much I was drinking, during a check up to see why I was so tired all the time. And I realised I needed to quit drinking before I did some serious long-term damage.

Journeying into Spring

As I started to get a few sober days, then a few sober weeks under my belt, those dark days lifted and life began to thaw out.

I learnt new tools that meant I no longer needed a drink to calm me down or see me through till bedtime.

I stopped being bored in the evenings and began to explore new ideas, forgotten activities, and catch up with people I hadn’t seen for ages. My life started to flourish just like those spring flowers!

And I started to get my energy back as my health improved - both physical and mental. Less anxiety, an improvement in my rosacea, fewer perimenopause symptoms and such deep sleep (yes! I mention sleep a lot because it’s so amazing now!).

My journey's still going as I find lots of new interests and friends in this world - but what about you?

Here's a few sober flower ideas to get you going!

Here’s a few ideas I came up with wandering around my own garden to get you going:

How about violets?

Today the violets were just peeking out from under their leaves, not really ready to show themselves, yet in their own quiet way, they were loving the sun and the new lease of life in the spring warmth.

A lot of people like to keep their sobriety to themselves, especially at first, not ready to share with anyone until they’re sure the sun is out for good. Happy where they are, and confident with their choice – is that you?

Or are you like the feathery fern?

There’re no signs of it in the depths of winter, and then gradually it emerges and takes its time to slowly unfurl. It’s amazing to watch the transformation from the tiny, curled spirals to the fully formed fronds with all those intricacies! What a life full of interesting bits!

What about the blue and pink hyacinths!

The hyacinths just love standing out from the crowd! They appear pretty quickly once they make their mind up that winter’s over, and they don’t mind whether they’re by themselves or with others. And with all that scent, you can’t miss it even if you don’t see it! Out and proud! Do you shout your sobriety far and wide?

The nettle!

It never gives up and it loves its friends! Have you joined a community, or do you want to find sober friends? There’s a definite move opening up more understanding of being sober as a choice and a lifestyle. Oh, and where would butterflies be without nettles? Nettles are the strongest of all.

Me – I think I’ve been through all of these flower stages! From the violet to the fern, and now the hyacinth mixed up with nettles!

Common as daises

I like to think that pretty soon being alcohol free is going to be as common as daisies.

Good old daisies, so commonplace that most people don’t really notice them, they just accept that daisies are everywhere. And they’re really pretty.

That’s where sobriety’s heading, and I’m proud to say that my grass is full of them. 😊🌼

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