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The Alcohol & Selfcare Reset — an online programme for mid-life women who worry they drink too much and want a healthier, happier lifestyle with more of what they love, and less anxiety.


Look and feel healthier & happier and calmer in just 6 weeks


"a great opportunity to reflect on life generally"

It's not only an opportunity to think about the alcohol you consume in your life, it's also a great opportunity to reflect on life generally - what is important to you and how do you want to enjoy your life. It gives you the tools, insights, and confidence, to help you be the person you want to be.

C. G.

Do You Dare take the Alcohol Awareness Personal Challenge! Find out just how much drinking influences your everyday life!


Hi, I'm Anne!

Back in 2017 I was at the end of my tether, stuck drinking every night, wondering why I couldn't resist and worrying about what it was doing to my long term health. And I certainly didn't practice selfcare! 

What started as a journey to overcome my own issues has built into a passion to help other women who are stuck where I was.   

Come and lose the worry by creating healthier habits — get your energy back, look and feel great as you join me and other amazing women to get back in control and beat that wine witch! 

Take a break for just 6 weeks and build long lasting selfcare routines with self compassion. Enjoy waking up clear headed and refreshed, without the anxiety and regret of another wasted night.  


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"I feel more empowered, healthier and happier"

I had tried to cut down previously but I now realise that I hadn't taken the time to challenge my beliefs around drinking & alcohol. I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme and I'm now drinking less. And when I don't drink, I don't feel I'm missing anything, in fact, I've grown to love the alternatives and the opportunities this presents, even more! I feel more empowered, healthier and happier!  Thanks, Anne!

Caroline G, Age 48

L. H.

"insightful and thought provoking"

"The Programme has been an excellent help whilst having a break from alcohol. It made me feel accountable attending the group sessions and the daily lessons were really insightful and thought provoking. I really do feel I can move forward with a sober life thanks to Anne and I have faith that she will be there for extra support if needed.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

"I'm doing better than I ever thought possible"

I like that I can re-read when ever I like and knowing you/ the course is there for support is helpful. One of my biggest fears was that I would never sleep properly again, but it’s getting better every night 😴 I’m doing better than I ever thought possible.  Life is so much easier without the drink! I'm physically much better already.

K. B.

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